How to Get Custom Starter Pokemon

How to get Custom Starter Pokemon

This is a video Tutorial on How to Get Custom Starter Pokemon. The things you will need for this will be:

Once you have these things then we can begin.

  1. Open Universal Pokemon Randomizer
  2. Click “Open ROM”, on the top right
  3. Select the ROM you want to customize
  4. Scroll Down till you see
  5. “Starter Pokemon”
  6. Click on Custom
  7. Select the Pokemon you want
  8. Click “Randomize (Save)”, On the top right
  9. Save To the Desktop with the Name You want
  10. Open iTunes, Select Your Device
  11. Then Apps on the left side
  12. Scroll Down till you see File Sharing
  13. Click On GBA4IOS
  14. Drag and Drop your Custom Rom into the Document
  15. Go to your iDevice, Open GBA4IOS
  16. Start New Game, And the Starter Pokemon will be the ones you have chosen.
  17. And now you can start with any Pokemon of your choice. 🙂